10 Years Anniversary - Limited Edition

10 Years Howlin'

10 Years Howlin' - Limited Edition

For the 10th anniversary of Howlin' they relaunched their iconic zig zag knits "The Fountain of Youth" and "The Blue Magician".

Some words from Howlin':

This current season we are celebrating 10 years of Howlin'.

It has been an epic journey so far and we want to thank you all for being along for the ride, no matter when or where you’ve picked up. 

Here we are now, a decade long in this little Howlin’ universe, not so far removed from where we started I quess, making  quality niche products for lovers out there. 

Thank you all again!

2 limited models:

The Fountain of Youth

 “Eternal youth is a gift frequently sought in myth and legend but rumours say one must just wear this jumper to experience its restorative powers

The Blue Magician

 “ In a misty mountain forest above the castle in the air is a magician in the mountain who lives through life without care“

Both models are made out of 100% local Scottish wool.

Fully knitted and hand finished in Scotland


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